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Celli is owned by Liz.
He also lives with Gracie and Betsy (bichon) and two cats.
He is a Weston x Willomena 08 pup.

September 14th: Sweet Celli. SweetCelli

April 14th: Celli is ready for Spring!. Click here to view on Flickr, print pics, save pics, etc.

Celli's 2011 Christmas picture.

Celli Apr 10

Two observations: Celli is often with his kitties, and none of them can read or they'd all get off Grace's bed. Apr 10

Celli napping with Oscar, Feb 10 - Celli napping with Raymond, Apr 10

Celli and Oscar nose to nose, Nov 09

Celli surrounded in toys, Nov 09

Celli Oct 09

Celli and Gracie November 08

Celli at the ABdFC 2008 Specialty, being groomed by Judy

Celli at the Specialty in 08

Celli and Gili
Celli being sweet with Gili

Celli playing with his littermate Saffron.

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