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Hanna is a Monet x Madeyx puppy born July 27th, 2012. (For puppy pictures click here.) She lives with Vineta, Paul, and Tula in Wasilla.

August 24th: Hanna earned her TDX! HanaTDX
May 4th: Hanna and Vineeta doing agility at the Novice Std level.
May 4th: Hanna and Vineeta doing agility during the Open JWWP in Wasilla.
February 17th: Terrific action shot of Hanna doing agility. HannaAgility
November 3rd: Massive cuteness: Hanna and her cart. HanaWithCart

August 27th: Hanna having great fun with her squeeky toy.

June 26th: Hanna with a glove. What could this mean? Well, it means that Hanna is now qualified to compete in tracking events. Whoo Hoo!!! HannaWithGlove

November 29th: Hanna in the snow. HannaInTheSnow

November 28th: The official pictures are in from the Speciality. Here's a slide show featuring Apple, Desi, Brielle, and Hanna.

November 6th: Hanna nailing the teeter-totter.

November 4th: Hanna at the National Bouvier Speciality. Hanna at the Speciality

August 22nd: Hanna watching carefully as Paul makes chili. HannaAndPaulMakingChili

April 5th: Hanna on the grooming table. Hana On the grooming table

February 25th: The massively cute Hanna stacking like a German Shepherd. HannaTheGSD

From December: Hanna excelling at puppy agility. Hanna is gonna be a star!

From November: Hanna snuggling in with Paul. HannaAndPaul

October 17th: Hanna hanging out on the patio. Hanna On Patio II

October 8th: Hanna settling in at her new home. Hanna

Hanna On Patio
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